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Paesaggi Migranti 2016

In 2016, Paesaggi Migranti participated in the Art Festival "Artisti in Piazza" with a project articulated around 4 key actions to experience the landscape.


Observing through a peculiar optical device - a camera obscura designed by Valentina Merz and Lara Monacelli allowed participants to view the landscape in a different way. The project was selected through an international call that saw the participation of designers from more than 10 different countries.


Crossing the landscape during a night walk that let participants discover anecdotes, historical facts and tales about the valley.


Listening with the guide of Emiliano Battistini who transformed the sounds of the landscape and the voices of its inhabitants into an immersive performance.


Storytelling in a participatory workshop in which the "floating mountains" became the spark to invent stories and free the imagination.