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Landscape experiments: a jump into nature in search for traces of human presence in natural landscape, you will engage with landscape elements to create art installations.

This project is a research on the landscape and on the presence and meaning of brick debris moving through the Marecchia Valley. The boundary between the abandoned small village all around this territory and the fragments of the bricks arranged, smoothed and rounded by water action like stones, become the starting point of a reflection between natural and artificial, in other words a reflection about landscape. Be ready for exploration!

what space?

Activating participation: as part of the community you will observe the map and reimagine a public natural space.

This project focuses on the Parco Begni and his role in the village. Reading this territory as a composition of accents and hidden signs, the project aims to involve the local community to design unconventional visions of Parco Begni and activate a public debate around the theme of the landscape. What are the possible scenarios for the Begni area?


printing landscapes Experiments with local traditions: working en plein air, in contact with local craftsmen, you will produce natural pigments and express your creativity with traditional dyeing techniques.

Exploration of the craftsmanship as cultural heritage of the region of Montefeltro in and around Pennabilli.


With its richness of natural materials and the fine tradition of rust dyeing and guado (Isatis tinctoria) production, this region is a paradise to learn about and experiment with dyeing techniques and colours. We want to go to the source of landscapes and materials to capture their fluidity.


Paesaggi Migranti is searching for 20 creatives for the second edition of 'Floating Mountains' workshop in Pennabilli. The activities will be led by 4 of the artists who took part to our Artist Residency.

1. Fragments

2. What Space?

3. Printing Landscapes


Paesaggi Migranti (Migrant Landscapes) is a group of European architects, designers and artists that made Pennabilli their focus of research and  an operational centre.

Paesaggi Migranti took its first steps in 2015, aiming to discover the Valmarecchia territory, in order to promote a public debate around landscape through research and art languages and activating participatory processes.


To do so we collaborate with other groups and institutions that actively engage in issues  relating to landscape both on a local and international level.



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8-12 March 2017

22-31 May 2017

1-4 June 2017


Artist Residency

Artisti in Piazza

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Read the report of the residency here


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 ►  Mikael Hansen

Residency, 8-12 March


Paesaggi Migranti 2016


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